How to Care for Your Kitchen Knives


To keep your kitchen knives in good condition, always wash and thoroughly dry them after use, especially if you have used them to cut acidic foods, such as lemon juice or vinegar, as these can discolor or even rust many knives. Clean each knife by hand as you are done using it. Never place them in the dishwasher; this can cause them to hit the other silverware and dishes in your washer, and the prolonged exposure to hot water can damage wooden-handled knives. Blades may be cleaned with a scouring powder or mildly abrasive pad, but should never be scrubbed with steel wool. Thoroughly dry your knives before storing them, especially in a knife block, because excess moisture can encourage mold growth.

Store kitchen knives in a knife block, if available. If a knife block is not available, use paper or plastic blade covers, and store them in a drawer with separate compartments. Never toss your knives together into a knife drawer. Besides being dangerous, this can also damage the knives, as they hit against each other. Keeping your knives free from nicks is important; although it is possible to sharpen such blemishes out of a knife blade, it requires removing much of the original blade; sharpening is best done when only a little metal needs to be removed. The best way to store a knife set is in a wooden block; your knives will be easy to identify and use, and there is no risk of them damaging each other. If you don’t have the counter space for a block, consider a knife block designed to fit inside one of your kitchen drawers or cabinets.

Store your knives on a soft surface, not metal or ceramic, because constantly striking a hard surface can dull the blade quickly. There is a reason why many knife dividers are covered in cloth. The same principle holds true for your cutting surface; use wood, plastic, or another soft surface rather than metal or ceramic whenever possible.

Never use knives that have become dulled. Not only is this a safety risk, as you have to press harder for the knife to cut, but your knives are not meant to be used when they are dull. Do not use kitchen knives to cut objects other than the ones they are intended to cut; do not use any knife to pry open jars or do related tasks. This carries the risk of breaking the tip of your knife, stressing the joints between the handle and blade, and otherwise damaging your knife.

Another thing you have to do in order to always take good care of your kitchen knives is to sharpen them regularly. You can read the best electric knife sharpener reviews by visiting Www.TheBestElectricKnifeSharpener.Com

If your knives are collectibles rather than everyday use knives, caring for them will include periodic maintenance and cleaning. Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe the blade and handle. Then, apply a polishing substance. Mineral oil can also be used on wooden knife handles, either kitchen use or collectible, to help them keep their luster. Do not touch the blade of the knife with your fingers, because the oil can damage the blade over time.

Best Tips On How To Take Good Care Of Your Car


Everybody knows that owning a car is not a cheap thing. And it’s not the case that you just buy the car and you’re set.

That isn’t definitely the case.

Below let me introduce you to 5 best tips on how to take good care of your car today:

Tip #1 – Warming the engine

Hitting the pedals for long duration at a cold start can cause adverse effects to the engine life of your cars. You should always start the vehicle without pressing down the accelerator and slowly warm up the engine before driving off. You should make this a practice every day and be extra cautious when you start the vehicle after leaving it in your garage for long. When you warm the engine at a slow pace and then set off to drive, it will enhance the performance of the vehicle too. You will be able to avoid your trips to the service station quite often, if you keep a track of the same.

Tip #2 – Avoid short distance trips

Taking the car out on very short trips can harm the engines badly. If you have to visit a friend living in the neighborhood or want to go to the local store which is at a walkable distance it would definitely be better to leave the car in your garage. When you power on the engine and go on a short drive to turn it off quite soon, it will affect the overall mechanism of the engine. By the time, the engine warms up, you should not shut it down. Use your cars for longer trips in order to keep it in good condition for long.

Tip #3  – Periodic maintenance

Periodic maintenance of the vehicle is very important in order to keep it in good shape. The engine of the car needs maintenance in order to keep up the good performance. You should check the user manual of the vehicle or check with your car service provider to fix the car servicing dates. You should follow the schedule without fail in order to change the parts needed and the engine serviced. Fluid like engine oil and the coolant needs to be replaced after a specific mileage and this varies according to the make of your car.

Tip #4 – Tire pressure

Tire pressure also plays a significant role in keeping your cars in good shape. If you forget to check the tire pressure and go on long drives, it could cause troubles to the suspension of the vehicle along with poor performance. There will be a drastic drop in the overall fuel efficiency too which can be avoided by maintaining optimum car pressure always. Keep a check on the same at least once a month.

Tip #5 – Washing and waxing

You should choose reputed car grooming Singapore to get the cars cleaned and serviced periodically. The impurities on the body of the vehicle can cause a lot of harm to the overall looks of the vehicle and even cause scratches on the body. You should also dust the interiors of the vehicle often in order to maintain the elegance of the vehicle. In order to take good care of the body parts, Car Polish Singapore would be of great help. Good quality wax will protect the exteriors from powerful rays of the sun and other changes in the weather. You can also use car detailing products that are available with reputed car groomers to keep the vehicles good as new for long.